Franchise Opportunity

Now Expanding in the State of Indiana

We get you completely setup, financed, operational, and properly marketed at a fraction of the cost of a typical franchise opportunity, developing your own business, or purchasing an existing business.

  • Easy to Operate
  • Profitable
  • Unique Concept
  • Low Overhead

Proud to offer many high quality products.

What is a Franchise?

Franchises generally include everything necessary to start and operate a business in one complete package. Franchises often provide the product, trade names, operating procedures, quality assurance standards, management consulting support, and facility design.

Why Franchise?

  • Risk minimized. A reputable franchise is a proven business method.
  • Name recognition. A well-known name can bring customers into thebusiness and provide a competitive advantage for the franchisee.
  • Training. A franchisor can provide a regimented training program toteach the franchisee about the business operation and industry even ifthe franchisee has no prior experience.
  • Support. A franchisor can provide managerial support andproblem-solving capabilities for its franchisees.
  • Economies of scale. Cost savings on inventory items can be passedon to the franchisee from bulk purchase orders made by the franchisor.
  • Advertising. Cooperative advertising programs can provide nationalexposure at an affordable price.
  • Financing. A franchisor will generally assist the franchisee inobtaining financing for the franchise. Lenders are more inclined toprovide financing to franchises because they are less risky thanbusinesses started from scratch.
  • Site selection. Most franchises will assist the franchisee inselecting a site for the new franchise location.

Why a Naughty Dog Franchise?

At Naughty Dog we provide a unique franchise opportunity to individuals looking to start their own business. We feel it necessary to help manage the costs of startup in order to insure a successful business. Most hard working people do not qualify for major Franchises because of their outrageous financial requirements often requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets and cash, in addition to their inflated franchise fee also reaching into the hundreds of thousands. Our extremely low franchise fee and startup costs are some of the many reasons a Naughty Dog franchise is so desirable.

Our #1 goal is to keep your startup and operational costs as low as possible while helping you generate the highest possible sales. The ease of operation and low overhead required to operate a Naughty Dog coupled with a unique concept and aggressive marketing campaign offers great profit potential even in a challenged economy.

Franchise Opportunity

Naughty Dog 10 Step Franchise Startup

  1. Assess and locate location
  2. Negotiate Lease and submit Lease Proposal Outline
  3. Design restaurant layout with necessary equipment
  4. Determine total build out and start up costs
  5. Develop marketing campaign and write a business plan
  6. Secure financing with a business loan
  7. Finalize and sign lease and franchise agreement
  8. Build out restaurant and setup all equipment, utilities, andinsurance
  9. Hire and train employees and management
  10. Initiate marketing campaign and open doors

Naughty Dog Provides or Assists Franchisee with:

Location Feasibility Study Negotiating Favorable Lease Financing aBusiness Loan Equipment Layout & Installation Marketing &Advertising Campaigns Floor Plan Design Point of Sale Software FurnitureLayout and Installation Signage Design and Installation Food SafetyTraining Operations & Management Training Legal & InsuranceNeeds Menu Human Resources Unique Recipes Business Forms Supply ChainManagement Graphic Design Operations & Safety Manual Food &Chemical Safety Manuals Operations & Management Support WebsiteDevelopment Franchise Opportunity